Admission Process

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    Delhi World School provides a nurturing environment that promotes skills in children to empower them for the 21st century. We are ready to offer quality education with our experienced professors.Are you ready to join us?

    Before that, you can visit the school premises to identify if the school is a good fit for your children. If you have decided to go ahead with the admission process,the following are the steps to follow:

    An enquiry form is duly filled and submitted to the counsellor at the front office.
    Admissions Counsellor will explain the philosophy of the school and take a tour of the school. Meet the academic coordinator if the parent is interested to know more about academics.
    Purchase and registration of application form.
    Assess the child and an interaction with the Principal to further answer parent’s questions if any.
    Payment of fees on confirmation of admission along with documents required for admission.
    An orientation session is conducted for parents in the month of June.

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