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    Before selecting a school for your children, parents must consider the facilities that are provided in the school. Choose schools that offer facilities that help in the overall development of your children. The facilities won’t just impact the learning process but also affects a child’s mental and physical growth. Having excellent facilities could also affect the academic performance of the children.

    Some of the facilities at Delhi World School include:

      • Kids area
      • Virtual learning
      • CCTV surveillance
      • Outdoor basketball court
      • An interactive playground on campus to encourage sports.
      • Transport system with pick up and drop facility within 15 km radius of the school.
      • All classrooms are digitally equipped with projectors and are fully air-conditioned.
      • Completely hygienic campus with lush greenery, garden, and clean washrooms.
        RO purified water coolers were installed on every floor.
      • Completely hygienic campus with lush greenery, garden, and clean washrooms.
      • An infirmary is provided for students who are unwell and need to rest.
      • Fully-equipped library to encourage reading for students age-appropriate.
      • Interactive Math, Science and Computer labs have been set up so that students can learn through practical application and not just in classrooms.
      • Web application and regular SMS alerts for parents to keep a track of the student’s schedule, assignments, and announcements in real-time. We encourage environment-friendly practices to a large extent. Technology helps us avoid excessive use of paper.

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