Learning Methodology

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    To make learning a pleasant experience, DWS employs a traditional and amusing method of teaching. Observation and experimentation come first on the list of priorities. To arouse the spirit of inquiry in a child, project works, educational trips are encompassed as a part of the curriculum.

    Being one of the Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, our school endeavours to uphold a desirable teacher-student ratio. Efficiency is exercised in the selection of teachers. Our school welcomes the participation and cooperation of the parents in the learning procedure, with the administration, through frequent Parent-Teacher meetings, where the parents are expected to interconnect with the management in the presence of a child.

    Student Centric Learning

    Concentration on teacher-centric teaching reduces students to passive recipients of understanding. Traditional teaching is a one-way road, where the teachers teach, and the students learn by routine. Henceforth, as one of the prominent International Schools in Hyderabad, DWS makes an atmosphere in which students are methodically encouraged to constantly search for their own learning while teachers play the part of “facilitators”.


    Kangaroo Fields (Field Trips)

    Educational trips are designed for practical learning. These are enrichment activities where students are taken to a place outside the classroom, which is designed to accomplish certain objectives that cannot be attained by using other means. Usually, educational trips expand the students learning through practical experience with the opulent resources of the local community and raise the students’ knowledge and understanding of a subject and add practicality to the subject of study.

    Citizenship Learning

    Because of the rising demands and necessities of a fast-changing global community, awareness, and skills for responsible citizenship at the local, state, national and global levels becomes significant. The school’s citizenship curriculum has progressed through a new concept of multidimensional citizenship learning, whereby both the school and the public interface as partners. Such education inspires young people to reflect on and become vigorously involved in carving a better world.

    Students, therefore, understand more clearly, what citizenship means, and feel ready to make an important contribution to humankind in a viable environment. With these rich objectives, Delhi World School will provide a base for making the principles of global citizenship a reality.


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