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    Mr. Nallapati Sainath


    The Visionary Director

    Technology is not a part of children’s future it is a part of their Present. Mr. Sainath Nallapati focuses on technological based work on developing and implementing a unique outreach system of support to schools, to advance educational outcomes for the students. He has a great insight into education and administration. Inorder to take DWS to newer heights thereby making it a top choice school for parents who are looking for best towards education.

    As Education all over the world is undergoing a radical shift.Since, learning and effort will never cease.

    “Knowledge is no longer constrained by time and space it has expanded beyond the classrooms and school campus.”

    The Passionate President

    Smt. Rajeshwari Nallapati is a versatile personality with humanitarian touch, Proficient in academic and administrative skills. A person with a vision of academic success for all students. Since education cannot exist in isolation, the system needs to take cognizance of these developments. She is committed to creating a conducive atmosphere for education.While striving for excellence she doesn’t leave even a single member of fraternity behind be it staff ,students or society as a whole.The focus of her vision and mission is to see the school reach the glorious heights.

    In true sense, “she is a visionary leader with a missionary zeal.”

    Mrs. Nallapati Rajeshwari


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